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Precision Metal Fabrication Customized for Excellence

Premier Metal Fabrication in Yorkshire, UK

In the heart of Yorkshire, GPS Fabrications stands as the beacon of bespoke metal fabrication excellence. Specializing in the custom creation of metal assembly workbenches, stillages, trolleys, and tailored production lines, we champion the art of transforming metal into meticulously crafted pieces that serve a myriad of industries. Our commitment is to precision, durability, and innovation, ensuring each product is not just made but masterfully engineered to meet the exacting standards of our customers.

Our diverse portfolio showcases our versatility and expertise. From the robust tilting tables designed for uPVC door fabrication to the intricate steel staircases that combine functionality with elegance, GPS Fabrications is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our production lines, both horizontal and vertical, are the backbone of efficient manufacturing processes, configured to enhance productivity while promising low maintenance and seamless integration into your operations. Here at GPS Fabrications, we don't just build; we create solutions that drive industries forward.