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Metal Stillages for Various Industries

At GPS Fabrications, our bespoke metal stillages are the backbone of efficient and secure storage solutions across multiple industries. Designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients, our stillages provide robust support for products of all shapes and sizes, from heavy-duty tyres to delicate vehicle windows.

Our commitment to versatility means that each stillage is crafted to maximize space, facilitate easy access, and enhance the transportation process, ensuring that your products remain safe and intact whether in transit or in storage. With GPS Fabrications, you benefit from metal stillages that are not just durable, but also thoughtfully engineered to address the unique challenges of your product storage needs.

GPS Fabrications specializes in bespoke metal stillages that serve as the cornerstone for secure storage and transportation solutions. Our stillages are not only tailored to accommodate various sizes and types of products, such as tyres and vehicle windows, but they also integrate seamless functionality with custom dunnage to ensure that your items are transported securely, without the risk of damage.

Integrated Dunnage for Protection

Understanding the need for safe transport of goods, we provide customizable dunnage options. Dunnage, the protective packaging within stillages, can be made from soft, flexible materials to prevent scratches, or from rigid, structured materials for added support. This internal cushioning is essential for safeguarding items like vehicle windows during transit and can be designed to be removable or permanent, depending on your requirements.

Adaptability for Handling and Movement

Each metal stillage can be adapted for a variety of handling needs. We engineer our products to be compatible with cranes, forklifts, and pallet trucks, enhancing their versatility. Whether you require top-lifting lugs for crane handling, fork guides for forklift operations, or base structures suitable for pallet trucks, our stillages are custom-fitted to your specifications, ensuring they integrate perfectly into your existing logistics and storage systems.

At GPS Fabrications, we understand that the details matter. That's why our stillages are not just about holding goods; they are about moving your business forward with efficiency and reliability at the core of our designs. Contact us today to find out how our custom metal stillages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business operations.