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Custom-Designed Metal Fabricated Trolleys

At GPS Fabrications, we specialize in the design and manufacture of robust metal fabricated trolleys that are essential for the seamless movement of window frames and doors within your factory setting.

Our trolleys are engineered to support the dynamic needs of production environments, ensuring that your operations are efficient and your products are transported safely.

Durable and Efficient In-Factory Transport Solutions

Our collection includes Slab End Trolleys, ideal for handling heavy loads with stability; A-Frame Trolleys, perfect for moving large window and door frames; and Opti Trolleys, which are designed with soft padding to securely transport glass and prevent damage. Each trolley is crafted with the highest quality steel and is designed to navigate the factory floor with ease, providing durability and reliability where it counts.

At GPS Fabrications, our portfolio of metal fabricated trolleys is designed with precision to cater to the specialized needs of window and door manufacturing facilities. With durability and practicality at the forefront, each trolley type we offer has been developed to streamline your factory's operations and safeguard your products during transport.

Slab End Trolleys

Our Slab End Trolleys are the workhorses of the factory floor, constructed to bear substantial weights and bulk of window frames and doors. The design focuses on a low center of gravity for exceptional balance, minimizing the risk of tipping, and ensuring that heavy materials can be moved with ease without compromising on safety or efficiency.

A-Frame Trolleys

The A-Frame Trolleys are uniquely designed to handle oversized and irregularly shaped items such as large window frames and door assemblies. Their A-shaped structure provides the stability needed to transport these items securely, reducing the risk of movement and potential damage during transit across the factory floor.

Opti Trolleys with Soft Padding

Our Opti Trolleys come equipped with soft padding, offering an ideal solution for the transportation of glass and delicate materials. They are designed to gently cradle glass panes, preventing scratches and breaks, and ensuring that your product arrives at its destination in pristine condition. The thoughtful engineering behind our Opti Trolleys makes them an essential asset for any production line dealing with fragile components.